Luckytiger Underage Gaming Policy

Welcome to Lucky Tiger Casino, where responsible gaming is a top priority. This Underage Gaming Policy outlines our commitment to preventing and addressing underage gambling. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for our players.

Age Verification Process

To participate in any form of gambling at Lucky Tiger Casino, individuals must be of legal gambling age in their jurisdiction. We have implemented a stringent age verification process to ensure compliance with these regulations.

  • Document Verification: During the account registration process, players are required to submit valid identification documents, such as a government-issued ID or passport, to verify their age.
  • Random Audits: Lucky Tiger Casino conducts random audits to re-verify the age of existing account holders. This proactive approach helps maintain the integrity of our platform.

Warning Signs and Detection

We have implemented measures to detect and address potential underage gaming. These include:

  • Age-Appropriate Content: Lucky Tiger Casino ensures that all marketing materials and content are designed for an adult audience.
  • Monitoring Account Activity: Our systems actively monitor account activity for any irregularities or patterns that may indicate underage gaming.
  • Reporting by Users: We encourage our community to report any suspicions of underage gaming. Reports can be submitted through our customer support channels.

Consequences of Underage Gaming

Lucky Tiger Casino takes a firm stance against underage gaming. If an individual is found to be underage:

  • Account Suspension: The account in question will be immediately suspended.
  • Funds Forfeiture: Any funds or winnings associated with the account may be forfeited.
  • Legal Action: If necessary, we may take legal action to address cases of intentional misrepresentation of age.

Education and Awareness

We understand the importance of educating both players and parents about the risks of underage gaming. Lucky Tiger Casino:

  • Provides Information: We offer educational resources on our website, explaining the risks associated with underage gambling.
  • Parental Controls: We encourage parents to use parental control software to restrict access to online gaming sites.

Responsible Advertising

Lucky Tiger Casino is committed to responsible advertising practices. Our marketing materials are designed to be appealing to adults and are not targeted towards minors.


Preventing underage gaming is a shared responsibility between Lucky Tiger Casino, parents, and the community. Our stringent age verification process, proactive detection measures, and educational initiatives aim to create a secure gaming environment.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Underage Gaming Policy, please contact our customer support team. Thank you for choosing Lucky Tiger Casino, where responsible gaming is a priority.

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